Dry frying

This is one thing I started doing from the early stages of my dieting and have stuck it with ever since. Don’t get me wrong I still fry with oil, it depends on the recipe with only a few drops of oil, I literally have my finger at the top of the bottle to shield the oil from coming out too much.

As you can see there is oil in the frying pan, this is the oil from the sausages.

Using the oil from the sausages I fried the remaining ingredients for my recipe. This means I have not only reduced the fat content but I also had the natural source to cook with. 

The recipe was a bean and sausage bake which I  will tucking into, later.


A new twist to a popular dip.

As you all know I have been gushing about Super Foods for a while now. There is never going to be an
end to new, unique and sometimes weird (to some) recipes. Neither, am l going to stop researching or buying the latest good cookbooks well it will be a shame not to  really, lol. Anyway, I will stop wuffling and get straight to the point as time is precious due to the busyness of life.

I came across a new word in one of my cookbooks by a very well known female English Chef, I am not going to tell you her name as I don’t want to advertise her book for free. Others get paid for reviews but I won’t unless of course her people decide to get in touch with my people, etc. Right back to my point, the recipe is actually a  twist on the famous Mexican dip, Guacamole. It’s a combination of broccoli, avocado, spring onions, lime, olive and vegetable oils blended together.  And the name is, drum roll please  – Brocamole. Some people  may have heard  of it but I certainly have not.

However,  I forgot to add spring onions – The downside to multi tasking. Actually , I am glad I didn’t  because I am having it for lunch later today, I don’t exactly want onion breath even though I do have toothbrush and toothpaste at work, thing is I may  not have time to clean my teeth afterwards as I have a busy day ahead or I will simply forget. I am not having my Brocamole with crudités as is tradition, I have decided to do something different, I am going with bread.  I have sliced it into soldiers for easy dipping, I will be trying it out as a sandwich spread as well. The good thing about  this dip is that you can actually  freeze it. I will be shopping for ingredients this weekend then freeze in batches of small plastic containers – just the right portion.

For anyone who is interested the recipes goes like this:

Spring onions
Vegetable  and Olive oils
Sea salt
Cayenne pepper
Or black pepper  – my version

Boil the broccoli for 3 minutes in hot boiling  water. Drain, add ice water to the pot. Leave to cool.
In the meantime chop spring onions, cut lime in half.
Once broccoli is cold, put in food processor, blitz for seconds with oils.
Add spring onions  squeeze lime juice then blitz to your preferred taste.
Season and serve.

I have  to given word for word instructions from the book as I know you get the idea, besides I don’t  really follow measurements as I am only cooking for myself, not 4 or 10 people as stated in most of these cookbooks. Oh, here is a clue to the author – Domestic Goddess. See my version below

Bon Apetito.

PS. Let me know if you have tried this recipe or tweaked it a bit.

image Brocamole