Dry frying

This is one thing I started doing from the early stages of my dieting and have stuck it with ever since. Don’t get me wrong I still fry with oil, it depends on the recipe with only a few drops of oil, I literally have my finger at the top of the bottle to shield the oil from coming out too much.

As you can see there is oil in the frying pan, this is the oil from the sausages.

Using the oil from the sausages I fried the remaining ingredients for my recipe. This means I have not only reduced the fat content but I also had the natural source to cook with. 

The recipe was a bean and sausage bake which I  will tucking into, later.


Why Running Doesn’t (Always) Burn Fat

I thought I’ll share this article with you. I’m not against running because it was how I started. But some of the points raised are quite valid.

I hope you find it useful/informative.


A new twist to a popular dip.

As you all know I have been gushing about Super Foods for a while now. There is never going to be an
end to new, unique and sometimes weird (to some) recipes. Neither, am l going to stop researching or buying the latest good cookbooks well it will be a shame not to  really, lol. Anyway, I will stop wuffling and get straight to the point as time is precious due to the busyness of life.

I came across a new word in one of my cookbooks by a very well known female English Chef, I am not going to tell you her name as I don’t want to advertise her book for free. Others get paid for reviews but I won’t unless of course her people decide to get in touch with my people, etc. Right back to my point, the recipe is actually a  twist on the famous Mexican dip, Guacamole. It’s a combination of broccoli, avocado, spring onions, lime, olive and vegetable oils blended together.  And the name is, drum roll please  – Brocamole. Some people  may have heard  of it but I certainly have not.

However,  I forgot to add spring onions – The downside to multi tasking. Actually , I am glad I didn’t  because I am having it for lunch later today, I don’t exactly want onion breath even though I do have toothbrush and toothpaste at work, thing is I may  not have time to clean my teeth afterwards as I have a busy day ahead or I will simply forget. I am not having my Brocamole with crudités as is tradition, I have decided to do something different, I am going with bread.  I have sliced it into soldiers for easy dipping, I will be trying it out as a sandwich spread as well. The good thing about  this dip is that you can actually  freeze it. I will be shopping for ingredients this weekend then freeze in batches of small plastic containers – just the right portion.

For anyone who is interested the recipes goes like this:

Spring onions
Vegetable  and Olive oils
Sea salt
Cayenne pepper
Or black pepper  – my version

Boil the broccoli for 3 minutes in hot boiling  water. Drain, add ice water to the pot. Leave to cool.
In the meantime chop spring onions, cut lime in half.
Once broccoli is cold, put in food processor, blitz for seconds with oils.
Add spring onions  squeeze lime juice then blitz to your preferred taste.
Season and serve.

I have  to given word for word instructions from the book as I know you get the idea, besides I don’t  really follow measurements as I am only cooking for myself, not 4 or 10 people as stated in most of these cookbooks. Oh, here is a clue to the author – Domestic Goddess. See my version below

Bon Apetito.

PS. Let me know if you have tried this recipe or tweaked it a bit.

image Brocamole

Sugar Free Meals

I have spent the last few months cooking Sugar Free meals, they have all turned out to be so tasty I ended up buying quite a number of cookbooks. Please don’t ask how many, you will be amazed at how many ingredients we use in cooking that contains sugar, check the labels of items next time you are out shopping. Baking with honey, xylitol or agave is so delicious I don’t have to worry about calories. I can’t really recommend sugar alternatives due to the fact that everyone is different based, also taking into account lifestyle/health issues, this will be down to a Doctor or Dietician but I know what works for me because I have discussed it with my Doctor.  I must warn you that some of the sugar alternatives are not cheap but they are worth it the price as you will usually need only a tiny drop or spoon.

I have noticed changes since I started low sugar cooking, my skin looks better, it has a real nice sort of glow to it, I am even more fuller for longer,  I have lost weight, feel light and full of energy, this confirms the old saying ‘sugar fix’ is utter rubbish!! I have decided that this is going to my lifestyle from now on,  to be honest I  don’t’  miss sugar anymore and that is saying something for someone who has a sweet tooth. Don’t get me wrong I still have the occasional sweet (s) but that is about it. And here is a funny thing I have gone off dark chocolate ( was my alternative to refined version) completely, I’ll rather eat nuts, mixed seeds, carrot batons or celery sticks which I now carry in a tiny plastic container in my bag either to work or even going to catch up with friends or church.

As usual please free to share or comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

PS: I have found this rather useful article on the dangers of sugar, based on UK research.


Pasta and Rice alternatives

It is the newest addition to low carb diet – Spiralizing. I guess some will be wandering what this means, it’s quite simple really, think of spaghetti and rice but in veggie form. Basically, a close resemblance to the carb stuff but without the starchy bit. To achieve this you will need a tool known as a Spiralizer. It comes in various designs and sizes depending on the brand. I choose to buy a portable size for storage purposes – I have a tiny kitchen!
Needless to say I am very happy with my choice it spirals my courgettes( or zucchini ) very nicely. I haven’t tried it with other veggies but I will in the next coming weeks.

Once you have Spiralizer your veggie of choice, you can either serve it raw or fry/ bake/grill depending on your recipe, serve with your deserved sauce. Basically, you have a meal in minutes. I will post a picture of my courgetti ( coined by Helmsley and Helmsley ) with left over beef stew above this post. I have had courgette with other sauces and I have to say I love it. The Spiralizer has become my go to gadget. Apart from main meals, the Spiralizer is great for making salad and coleslaw. It is the perfect tool for summer foods and picnics. No guesses what I will be making this summer, lol.

Another low carb idea I have discovered is Cauliflower rice, this is so easy to make. All it requires is taking tearing up the stems of the cauliflower, throw it in the blender and you have what looks like rice in veggie form. Word of warning be careful not over blender, you just need to whiff very briefly, like courgette you can eat it or stem it. I am not sure if it can be grilled or baked I will have to look into that. I had my first taste with Chicken curry and it was yummy-lious.

If anyone has tried this please let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend.


Detox – my improved version

I decided to go on a 3 day detox last month. I did it last year but that was rather intense and I ended up with a migraine for days so having learnt my lesson I opted for a softer ‘version’.
My breakfast was a combo of greens and fruits in the berry family plus frozen banana to give it that slushy look, using my new blender with its on the go bottle. To give my smoothies a bit of kick I added ginger, alternating with cinnamon. I am not into energy powders so I put in sunflower and flax seeds instead, finishing with oats using soya milk as my mixture of choice. I did add almond butter on the last day just to see how it would work, it was even more delicious.
Mid-Morning – I had a handful of seeds or brazil nuts
Lunch was salads, oat and rice cakes with hummus.
Drinks – I had green tea and water through out.
Mid Afternoon – I didn’t have anything as I am not into snacking.
Dinner – Ribbon Courgettes or Aubergines with mushrooms, chopped fresh tomatoes, sweet potatoes. Lean chicken with veggies

I drank hot lemon water first thing, which I found really refreshing. I have now incorporated that it into my daily routine, although I do forget sometimes as I am rushing to work. I will definitely be doing this again, I felt very cleansed, lost a few inches around my tummy area, overall my skin felt great, most importantly there were no side effect

I opted for gentle short workouts as I didn’t have the energy to do my regular intense routines. Following from the results of my detox I have decided to start drinking detox water at the weekends. I have tried strawberries, orange slices for a bit of colour. I alternated by going green using mint, lemon and cucumber topped with ice. I am sticking with the latter as its really cooling and very refreshing I felt cleansed on the inside as well. Detox water works better with bottled or distilled water – tap water is a no, no because of the chemicals.

I may detox every month after the satisfied results, not necessarily 3 days, I can do a 24 hour to 48 hour detox.

Egg muffins packed with nutrients


Great for breakfast or lunch, make a batch and freeze some.