The Five a Day theory

I have discovered that some people think that 5 day means eating 5 pieces of fruit in one go. No wonder they struggle, they couldn’t be more wrong, it simply means you start your day by having a piece of fruit with your breakfast, say 2 pieces for lunch then vegetables or salad with your dinner.  Your five a day is not fruit and vegetables, it can be in juice form, dried fruits, smoothies and other non carbonated drinks. So it is not that hard to get your 5 a day, not as difficult as some people make it out to be.


Hello, Hiya, etc

Welcome to my blog, well actually my healthy life style diary. I have been told that as I know so much about health why not write about it I  have obliged ‘, at long last. I will like to point that I am not trying to dictate or convert people to my healthy lifestyle, ‘each to his/her own’  I am merely sharing like any other blogger, neither am I an expert, all posts will be based on my personal experience.

My journey to a healthy lifestyle did not happen overnight, it was a struggle, very hard, I fell at times but had to pick myself up and kept going. I have been on this regime for over 12 years. I will be sharing my life story at some point, depending on the responses I receive from my first few posts. In the mean time, enjoy the first short post on Five a Theory, up next will be Breakfast.

Happy reading.