I am Back!!

I am sorry I have not posted recently, my new job has taken over – been working long hours as I joined at a busy time. I may as well fill you in with what I have been up to. I have made more changes to my healthy lifestyle, eating and cooking fresh every week. This now means I am at the supermarket every Friday after working buying fresh produce which I cook the next day as I have decided the best way to cope with my unrealistic working hours is ‘cook ahead meals’ which will save me the hassle of cooking and eating late then going to bed on a half full stomach. I have therefore embarked on cooking sauces such as curries and Italian, meaning I only accompaniments such as rice or pasta when I get home from work. I have also been cooking my own soups which I have found to be so satisfying/delicious and just rewarding, all thanks to the wonderful cookbooks I bought on Amazon.

Well it is that time of year again, lots of Christmassy things to do – parties, dinning out, eating unhealthy foods, etc. As I have always mentioned on this blog, everything in moderation. However, if you have no will power in other words, then I will not advise you to go down that route, especially if you find yourself over indulging and know it will be hard to get back on the horse. It is hard I know, especially when there are chocolates, mince pies, Christmas logs, cakes, everywhere you go especially at work. The worse will be on Christmas day, I suppose you can join in but then get back to healthy eating the next day but I will say don’t leave it longer than 2-3 days otherwise you will struggle to get back to your regular routine. On my part I have been good, probably because I have gone off chocolates ( well refined ones, I prefer dark chocolate) and other fatty stuff. However, I have had the odd mini chocolate and a mince pie. I am conscious of the fact that I have not had time to exercise (expect for my lunch time stroll) in the last few months. I intend to go back to running soon – only in moderation as I don’t want to aggravate an old knee injury I had years ago. I am also planning to join the gym at work in the New Year as they have aerobics classes that fits around my working hours.

Have a great weekend.



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I am a Christian from South London, England, very passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle. I am not into fad diet, I cook from stratch, as I love wholesome and nutritious food. My hobbies & interests are watching tv, going to the cinema, reading, listening to music, baking, roller blading, cooking, socialising.

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