Random, random, Randomly

I hope you are all still going strong regardless of all the tempting summer foods. As I have always said everything in moderation, I have been to two back to back barbeques I have pretty much eaten everything that has been served expect the burgers. I draw a line on processed meat, funny I like hot dogs but it is only once or twice year. I think it boils down to the time I vowed never to eat another Macdonald’s meals ever again, the burgers remind me of it. Added to that I do make my own burgers which I find more tasty & nutritious as I only use brown bread crumbs, onions & herbs served on brown buns or eaten on its own with salad. Oh, I have had ice cream twice, I am not really keen on ice cream any more, I will rather have frozen yogurt. However, if I am out with friends and they decide we go to the Hagen Daz ice cream place, I will oblige, I haven’t been there in over 2 years. And I am still on the lookout for the magnum special edition, once I have had it that will be it till next year – I don’t do ice cream in the cold, I will go for soup or coffee.

I have been reading/ hearing about a latest diet craze called 5:2, I actually know a couple of people on it. As you know from previous entries I have always said I am anti-fad diets. Although, the ‘founders’ of this claim it is not the case, well I beg to defer, anything that comes with ‘instructions’ on what and what I can’t eat is a fad diet, eating healthily for me is having a balanced meal, using the food group, having the really nutrients. There has been a huge debate in the press about it but nothing conclusive. This probably has to do with the fact that one of the writers is a former BBC journalist so will cover ‘their backs’. People who have been on the diet have disputed any claims, they all say it has helped them lose weight. I just don’t buy the idea of eating what you want for 5 days and then going on a ‘fast’ for 2 days. I will rather continue eating healthily and exercise to burn off any excess fat. For me, I just feel I will end up eating too much and not fully commit to the diet in the end. But that’s me, I am not knocking anyone reading this who is on the diet but just be careful that is all I am saying.

I wish I had time to do smoothies before heading to work in the morning but time is so short. Once I am up, it’s all systems go, I barely have enough to get my lunch packed which is why I try to prepare the night before with the exception of sandwiches which I prefer to make fresh, I can’t stand the taste of ‘overnight’ bread. Even with salads I don’t throw everything in the night before I like slicing avocado in the morning. I will leave smoothies for the weekend and when I am on leave like next week for 3 days, yay. The good thing about being at home is I actually don’t eat a lot that is because I wake up late, lol. I may indulge in a bit of homemade popcorn ( olive oil, no salt or sugar) whilst watching a DVD or two. Well I don’t have salt in my cupboards & I can’t stand sweet popcorn anymore, meaning none when I go to the cinema. I usually eat before going to watch a film, I may have a bottle of water in my bag or buy cappuccino at the cinema but nothing else. I just like to sit quietly and watch the film, sounds boring but it is the best way to avoid putting on the pounds, sitting & been inactive for over an hour is not good for me. When I am at home at least I can pause the DVD, move around a bit. I am too hype when I am indoors anyway, I can only sit still for about 20 minutes or so. I am one of those who has got to be doing something, I know it is not good but it’s just me really.


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I am a Christian from South London, England, very passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle. I am not into fad diet, I cook from stratch, as I love wholesome and nutritious food. My hobbies & interests are watching tv, going to the cinema, reading, listening to music, baking, roller blading, cooking, socialising.

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