Out with the old in with the new


A fitness channel on you tube was introduced to me by a friend. I decided to try out the 10 minute workouts incorporating into my apps. I was so impressed I went on to try the longer versions, the results were amazing so much I have now ditched my DVDs & apps workouts to concentrate on Fitness Blender.


Brief summary, this channel is run by a husband and wife team – Daniel & Kelli. The guy is the fitness expert, they have a wide range of workouts to suit all ages and levels. They are so many to choose and they do offer advice too just leave a comment below the video or go to their Face Book, all work outs are free. I am not one for plugging products/services but this I have to say is amaze balls.  My body is even more toned than before and I actually sleep a lot better. Warning, some of the exercises are HARD but they are very effective just keep at and you will notice the rapid difference. As with all fitness reigme it is important that you eat healthily as well otherwise it will pointless.



My newly found hobby


I have recently taken to gluten free/healthy baking – cornbread, scones, zucchinni bread, cornmeal muffins, etc. Beware, gluten free reciepes are high in fat, I had to tweak some of the reciepes, replacing some of the ingredients. Eg: applesauce for oil. Now I have to admit if someone had told me about a month ago that I will be baking, I would have told them to get lost that is because I am not really into baking. I think I may caught the baking bug, lol. I will stick to low fat baking, I don’t want to get sucked into traditional cakes even though I do like some of them like Victorian Sponge and Carrot cakes, I am going to try and come up with a low fat version.


I found this site (and you tube ) really useful,


Happy baking, do let me know how you get on.


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I am a Christian from South London, England, very passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle. I am not into fad diet, I cook from stratch, as I love wholesome and nutritious food. My hobbies & interests are watching tv, going to the cinema, reading, listening to music, baking, roller blading, cooking, socialising.

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