Summer is finally here!

Following on from my last entry, happy to report that I am still going strong. I have had to change my workout routine for 2 reasons (1) I was having muscle chest pains but that was probably the Abs Section(2) I got bored easily. I have gone back to one of my DVDs, which is just as intensive unlike the Apps this has warming and cooling down exercises which is very good for the core – oopsy starting to sound like the lady in the video, lol. On the whole, my body is now toned, looks like I am on my way to the 3 pack I previously mentioned. However, I have to admit it has not always been easy, some days I just don’t feel like exercising especially in this hot weather. Working out in this heat is no fun, too hot & sweaty but I have to remind myself how far I have come so I am soldering on. I have to admit I am proud of my achievement so far, I am not saying any of this to make anyone feel bad. I am merely letting you know that if you put your mind to something you can achieve results. As I have always said exercising is not restricted to the gym or DVD. You do what enjoy not what others want you to do, so it could be cycling, running, swimming, net ball or any other sports as long you are doing something that keeps you fit. Let’s not forget house chores, gardening and so many other tasks around the home can shred a pounds.

In terms of food, I tend to eat less in the summer optioning for salads, smoothies, shakes and cold dishes. However, it can be difficult when it comes to main meals as I can never eat cooked food cold. Once I have dished it, I prefer to eat it straight away so I just have a long cold drink to go with my meal. I am not a dessert person expect on Sundays, (I think it is something about British Sunday dinner) when I will have jelly with lo-fat yogurt, homemade triffle, sobre or anyother low fat cold dessert but definitely not ice cream, that is a treat when I am out.

If you are looking for low fat summer reciepes here is a site I stumbled on just before I started writing. I hope you find it as useful, let’s just say I will be doing a bit of shopping this weekend.

Happy healthy eating/living.



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I am a Christian from South London, England, very passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle. I am not into fad diet, I cook from stratch, as I love wholesome and nutritious food. My hobbies & interests are watching tv, going to the cinema, reading, listening to music, baking, roller blading, cooking, socialising.

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